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Meera Kaul

A global hi-tech investor and serial entrepreneur with a track record of 4 multi-million dollar exits.
Meera was voted one of the Top 50 women in telecom space; Entrepreneur of the year 2013 and 2015, apart from being the Executive of the Year over consecutive years.
Having incubated and executed technology businesses across 3 continents, she has led technology transformation for large technology companies and start-ups. She is involved with several start-ups the world over as an investor, board or in an advisory role. Her commitment to developing entrepreneurship has led to the incubation of several important market-driven initiatives the world over.
She serves as the President of Menina Kaj Femme. The Flagship program Women in STEM is one of largest investment programs for Women in Science and Technology worldwide. The nonprofit works to empower women to utilize their economic, social and intellectual potential. MKF invests in women and women driven programs to create opportunities for unlocking the potential of women in areas of their expertise, sustainability of their careers, personal growth and stability. She is on the board of several corporate advisory practices in emerging markets.
Apart from being a TJSL Alumni, Meera is also an Alumni of the Stanford Graduate School of Business

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