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Jeff Frick

General Manager, theCUBE

After ten years on in the Consumer Electronics industry, Jeff went to business school, then back to the Bay Area, and tech. He joined first internet ecommerce start up in 1996 & have been riding through the boom, busts, and rebirths that make this industry, and the SF Bay Area one of the most dynamic places in the world. From eCommerce and ASPs to Cloud and Big Data, early web to HTML5, waterfall development to distributed agile teams, AOL to Facebook, Netscape to Google to Facebook, an independent YouTube to video everywhere, Amazon the bookstore, to Amazon the everything store, to Amazon the infrastructure store. Cloud, Social, Mobile, Weekend to Weekdays, Consumer to Enterprise, Hyperscale & Big Data, Four horseman of Twitter, Google Facebook, and Amazon. SaaS, PaaS, and everything on demand, storage, compute, cross town transportation, & jet propulsion Jeff has seen and contributed to all.

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