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Lida Tohidi

Founder and CEO, Pidari

Lida is the Founder and Principal for Pidari Consultancy, and has worked with over a dozen funded Bay-area startups. For her professional life, she has lived and worked on all continents in both individual contributor and management roles. She has built and launched a national incubator for a fund, and has worked with startups that raised >USD $450 million. Lida is passionate about (improving) communication, because she finds it to be the foundation of success in relationships, which is why she founded JollyWe. She speaks 3 languages fluently, and another 3 at a beginner-intermediate levels. She has a Honors BSc and an MBA from prestigious universities.

A recent quick testimonial for my speaking, which is not as relevant as it’s not about tech, but in case: “Lida is great at leading a session about mindfulness theory and practice. She is a mindfulness meditation enthusiast, and she has cumulatively spent 2+ months at silent retreats, with 11 hours of daily meditation. She went to another retreat in October and a longer on December last year.

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