Our Story

Wheelmen & Co. was born from a strong family heritage in cycling, combined with a passion for classic tailoring, and it's bloodline can be traced back to Thomas Smith, the founder’s great-grandfather. Born in 1874, he lived his whole life in Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland, and was a man with many diverse talents. He not only worked full time for the national railroad, but was also one of the first bicycle mechanics in Ireland. His bicycle repair business flourished and it wasn’t long before he became an exclusive dealer of Raleigh Bicycles. Thomas Smith’s bicycle business prospered for many years. The same tools that he used in his original bicycle shop in the late 1800’s can still be found in our Los Angeles workshop/design studio today.

At Wheelmen & Co. we strive for the highest standards while maintaining function and comfort. Simply put, we are “Classic Tailoring: Modern Function”

"We create functional, durable accessories and apparel using classic lines and styles, reborn for the 21st century."